Water Treadmill


Sessions £25

Why a Water treadmill?


  • Perfect for fitness and rehabilitation

  • Helps build muscle

  • Increases suppleness

  • Increases stride length

  • Non concussive

  • Incline option available

  • Dry treadmill available

Working a horse on a water treadmill can help improve the horse's range of movement and build muscle while putting minimum stress on the front legs and hooves. It is a low intensity workout that makes it suitable for both fit horses and those returning to work after injury.

The water treadmill encourages the horse to 'sit' behind, making them drive with the hind legs while taking the weight off the front legs. Whilst working on the water treadmill, the horse takes bigger, longer steps than they would on land. This helps to build up the muscle in the hind quarters and over the lumbar area of the back.

The nature of water treadmills is to provide low-concussion resistance and cardiovascular training. The buoyancy of the water reduces weight-bearing stress on the joints and tissue structures, allowing an increased range of motion. At the same time, the high resistance (12 times more than that of air) leads to increased muscle activity and enhanced neruomuscular control. Hydrostatic pressure helps to reduce swelling, decrease pain, and promote circulation. 


The water treadmill is a highly-effective full-body workout, naturally improving respiration and the benefits can be seen on dry land with an increased joint function, increased stride length and suppleness through the back, thus helping the topline. Muscle tone, stamina and strength improve dramatically and the horses really enjoy their sessions. 

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