ArcEquine Rental

The Arc Equine is a wearable, completely drug free, and non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system designed for equine use. It supports the body's naturally occurring bio-currents in order to boost the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within cells. ATP is the energy providing molecule that is required for all metabolic cellular processes which are fundamental for facilitating pain management and tissue repair.

For a period of time, cells within injured tissues exhibit a significantly reduced ability to heal and regenerate. Applied micro-current's aim to increase the production of ATP, in order to accelerate the body’s own natural recovery.

Whilst there is a localized benefit to wearing the device on the affected limb, micro-current technology appears to work systemically on a cellular level so there is no requirement for specific placement of the device, providing that it is not used to cover or restrict the site of injury or affected area.

Rental options- 

Weekly- £35.00 

Add on livery service £4 per day

Rent to buy options also available. Please call to discuss. 

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