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Here at REST we pride ourselves on making a positive difference to your horse's wellbeing. To show some of the success stories we have achieved, we have decided to compile a little section of case studies of both our own and client's horses to show the true impact that therapy can have on your horse. 

DDFT tear Case Study- Theraplate

In November of 2012 I got my first horse Zonia (‘Zoe’), to teach me the ropes of showjumping. At just 12 years old I began competing in senior affiliated classes with Zoe at just 90cm. From there we learned together, our confidence grew, and we eventually progressed to competing and winning at 1.30m level. We were winning affiliated classes each week and both Zoe and I adored the thrill of competing. She would hardly ever have a pole down and she was very quick against the clock, and she really helped me to grow in confidence and develop my riding.

Sadly in 2014 I was in a flatwork lesson with Zoe when she suddenly became hopping lame. Following many weeks of box rest and trips to the vets it was discovered that she had torn her Deep Digital Flexor Tendon (DDFT) in her foreleg which would require many months of rest and careful rehabilitation. After several months we began ridden work again knowing we had to be careful as if it were to happen again her chances of recovery were almost non-existent beyond being a light hack.

We enjoyed nearly two years of riding and competing with her when sadly the worst happened- she became lame again. After a trip to the vets and MRI scans, it was confirmed that in October of 2016 she had torn both of her DDFT’s in her forelegs. We were absolutely devastated as we had worked so hard to keep her sound and Zoe is such a special horse to us that we couldn’t bear the thought of her being in pain. After speaking to the vets, it was decided that we would give her a year or so of rest then make the decision as to whether she should become a broodmare or simply a light hack to enjoy riding at home.

In the meantime, I continued riding and built up a small team of horses who I continued to compete with. I am certain that without Zoe I would not be the rider I am today nor would I be at the point where I am able to ride these horses and achieve what I have with them.

Whilst Zoe was resting, we brought her out every now and then for a trot up to see how she was progressing, and though much better a year and a half on, she was still lame on a circle and just wasn’t quite right, so we made the decision to leave her a little longer. During this time we had seen a review for a TheraPlate- a new technology to the UK which was supposed to accelerate the rate of healing, break down old scar tissue and prevent further injuries. At this point we were willing to try anything to make Zoe comfortable again, and we were hoping that just maybe I could ride her one last time. So, in February of 2018 we purchased a TheraPlate to try as a last resort.

Initially we had concerns that she wouldn’t like the plate, that it would aggravate her existing injuries or that perhaps it would just be a waste of our money on what seemed like a pipe dream to ride her once again. But contrary to what we thought, Zoe loved her daily sessions and even got to the point where she would put herself on the TheraPlate and complain when we took her off it. It was quite humorous to see how much she enjoyed her sessions, but the real shock came when we went to trot her up in April of 2018 and the vet confirmed that she appeared completely sound. We couldn’t quite believe that in just two months of using the TheraPlate, her progress was so much quicker than nearly a year and a half of rest and that she actually no longer appeared lame at all.

I couldn’t quite believe it, I once again had the chance to ride my girl! We took it very slowly throughout, spending weeks just walking in straight lines and ensuring that she was still comfortable enough to hold my weight, as well as continuing to use the TheraPlate daily. From here we progressed to trotting and eventually came to the point where she was still sound whilst in ridden work so we decided to once again get her MRI scanned before we began cantering as we didn’t want to put her through the workload if she was to become lame again.

So in June of 2018 we got her MRI scanned, and the vet could not give an explanation as to what had caused some of the changes we found. Both of her tendons had near-healed, scar tissue had been broken down, and there was noted improved conformation in both of her forelegs. It is safe to say we were all quite shocked when we got the go-ahead to continue ridden work with her. And there is no alternate explanation as to how these changes could have occurred other than from the TheraPlate as it was the only rehabilitation we were using for her, and so we vouched to keep using it to continue to help her heal and break down the scar tissue in her legs.

We stuck with her, kept on top of using the TheraPlate daily and by July of 2018 we were once again cantering. Not only that- she was staying sound too! After an in-depth conversation with the vet, it was decided that we would once again try jumping her. He said she would let us know if she was in pain and we would once again take a rain-check if this was the case. Zoe continued to shock us and took to jumping like a duck to water and was once again back enjoying her work.

We were very careful to manage her workloads and accepted that she is now getting slightly older and thus we wouldn’t push her beyond the lower levels, but it truly was a miracle in itself that she began jumping again. Never in a million years did I think I would get the chance to ride Zoe again, let alone jump her.

So in late August we went to our first show for two years together and she was clear and 2nd in her first 75cm unaffiliated class. Again, we were taken aback by how well she coped with everything and she was still sound and enjoying life, so we decided to take the plunge and once again register her with British Showjumping. And the rest is history!

She is now jumping clear after clear in classes up to 1m and honestly feels as good as ever. I really cannot express my gratitude in having my horse back again, and none of it would have become possible without the use of the TheraPlate. This machine really does work miracles and provided us with hope when we thought there was none. Zoe still uses the TheraPlate as part of her daily routine and she has never been happier.

She is fit, well, and enjoying her job, and we have also been complimented on how well her condition and topline has developed too. Even when you think it can’t get much better, it has even stopped her from stumbling when in ridden work, which was due to a conformational fault of her being flat-footed. Since using the TheraPlate, this stumbling no longer occurs due to the changes in her conformation and she is now as comfortable as ever in her workload and who knows what the future holds for her now- since joining the TheraPlate revolution she has become unstoppable.

Hoof Issues Case Study- TheraPlate

This is our own horse Lena, who unfortunately like many horses has poor hoof growth. Back in the summer of this year, Lena pulled a shoe whilst in the horse box travelling to a show and took a fair bit of her foot off with it resulting in spending most of the Summer out of work. 

She would have trouble holding shoes and became very foot sore, so most days she could just about manage a walk and trot on the arena. The first picture shows her after her second farrier visit, then barefoot as she did not have enough foot to nail the shoes to. 

In the mean time alongside specialist farriery and hoof supplements, we started putting her on the TheraPlate each day to stimulate the hoof growth and with careful management they soon started to improve. 

We think the results speak for themselves as the second picture was taken last week now that she is back in full work. The difference is astounding and she no longer has trouble holding shoes and is no longer foot sore at all! She is back jumping consistent clears affiliated BSJA and her hooves have looked the best they ever have with regular TheraPlate sessions for maintenance.

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