The Equine Salon

Need to get your horse clean and show ready?

or is your horse a mud monster and you have no access to clean, warm water?

In our purpose built horse salon, we have everything required to get your horse ready for competition the next day. From basic wash down to remove grease, sweat and dirt, to a luxurious pamper including massage.

No time? Bring him to us where we can pamper and preen him to perfection hassle free!

Using 'You & Your Horse' products, we guarantee the highest quality. They contain natural ingredients which are health-friendly and ideal for animal care. The products are picked to match your horse’s needs.


Hot Shower with Solarium - 20 minutes £20

This is a basic 'no frills' hot shower with a lavender rinse whilst the horse resides under the solarium.

Suitable for - removing sweat, dirt and grease and basic cleaning of horse.

Pre-Clip Shower with Solarium - 45 minutes £40

Full hot shower and body scrub whilst under the solarium, legs and tail are hosed for mud removal but no shampoo used)

Suitable for - Pre-clipping full clean or for rugged horses living out

Full Hot Shower - 65 minutes £65

A comprehensive cleansing hot shower and body scrub whilst under the solarium including main and tail conditioning, sock whitening and hoof oil.

Suitable for - First or last bath of the year or to treat greasy or itchy coats.

'The Works'  - 2 hours £120

Everything included in the full hot shower treatment but a more rigorous clean doubling the time scale including stain removal, full body, mane and tail whitening and full body, mane and tail shine and glossing.

Suitable for - Professional showing finish, wedding photography, photo shoot preparation


Bottom & hind leg shower £15

(shampoo, scrub & stain removal)

Tail clean £15

(shampoo, scrub, stain removal, whitening, conditioning and glossing)

Mane clean £10

(Shampoo, scrub, stain removal, whitening, conditioning and glossing)

Fly & midge spray £20

(Full body, mane and tail to keep help your horse stay fly and midge free for up to 4 weeks, with this product you do not have to reapply fly repellent on a daily basis)

Glossing either body or main & tail £5

Whitening treatment (for grey horses) £20

(Stain removal, shampoo, blue rinse and whitening paste)

Blow dryer

30 minutes £25

60 minutes £45

Equissage massage pad - 20 minutes £10

Activo-Med massage rug - 20 minutes £15

Theraplate session - 20 minutes £15

Mane tidy - 30 minutes £15

Tail tidy - 20 minutes £15


For specialist shower treatments for traditional/shires/cobs/coloured/gypsy please send photos and we will send you a personalised quotation.                              

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