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Hi everyone, I’m Cerys and this is my first blog for Rookery!

Firstly, I need to say a huge thankyou to the team at Rookery for giving me this awesome opportunity to be able to access THE best equipment in order to keep Elsa as fit, sound and happy as possible! I’m so grateful and we honestly would not be able to give Elsa the treatments we do now without them!

So to start with, just after receiving the news about the sponsorship with Rookery, Elsa (Faithful Imp) came 2nd at the PC Regional Dressage finals on 73.1% to qualify us for the Dengie Winter Championships. I was especially excited for this show as it was her second time qualifying for a major championship show in just the first year of her ridden career (the first being the BD Regional Championships where she qualified in just 4 tests, winning 3 of them, and came 13th at the champs, as you do when you’re only 4!) Anyway, at the Dengie Championships we came a respectable 11th in a big class, I was a bit disappointed in our mark but after reading our test sheet the judge was fair and we had everything from a 9 to a 4 in there! I know with more experience (from me and her), strength and work her time at the top will come!

Moving on from the boring dressage stuff we went to our first event of the season at Stafford. The conditions were AWFUL. Gale force winds, fetlock deep mud and a dodgy contact lens and 5 min dressage warm up due to the traffic on the M6 didn’t help! However, she produced one of the best tests of the day (a pretty sweet 29). Elsa hated the ground in the SJ, she’s never been jumped out of mud before as she’s never hunted and it was so dry last year she didn’t see any so she wasn’t impressed! This lead to a couple of poles, but by the XC she’d changed her mind and decided that actually, mud was amazing and she stormed round clear inside the time to claim 2nd place in a section full of absolute carnage!

Then onto Kelsall Hill where we just had one of ‘those’ days… all eventers have them but they really don’t get any less painful no matter how many times it happens! We were in 3rd after dressage on a 29.3, and we did one of our first ever clear SJ rounds!!! Then XC she was absolutely FLYING until 4 fences from home at a nice, inviting hedge fence; a combination of me forgetting she’s still only 5 and her forgetting that hedges are there for jumping resulted in a really frustrating 2 stops. She popped it beautifully third time round and I just schooled her over the last few fences. SO frustrating as we were going to be bang on the time and a really (really) high placing was on the cards, but I guess we live and learn and I won’t be doing that again!

Next onto Chatsworth PC Team SJ to give our first 100 a bash, nothing like dropping us in at the deep end! Elsa was amazing, just had the one pole (completely my fault, I held her down the distance and should have trusted her to go!) but I was so pleased with how she coped in such a busy atmosphere, nothing seems to phase this little mare!

Then, finally (well done if you’ve made it this far)! We had our first eventing double clear last weekend at the gorgeous Somerford Park in the 90. (The day before my first physics A-Level, not ideal revision planning haha!) Elsa did a super test which got a pretty harsh mark of 29.5, we queried a couple of marks with the judge, she couldn’t justify them but wouldn’t change her mind so we left it, hey ho! Then onto an amazing clear SJ (probably the first time I’ve EVER seen a stride to EVERY fence!) and an awesome clear XC round one of the most technical courses we’ve done, with a couple of naughty too fast time faults dropping us from 3rd to 13th in a very tight and competitive section! We are hoping to step up to 100/5YO classes very soon!

I’m absolutely over the moon with this little horse at the minute, I never expected her to be so nice when we picked her up as a scrawny horrible little rising 4yo! She’s grown about a hand in the past year and I think is due another growth spurt soon. Both me and Elsa are so lucky that we have access to such amazing facilities that Rookery offer and can’t thank them enough for the amazing opportunity they’ve given us!

… oh and one last thing… CerysM10 for 10% off 😉


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