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Hi everyone my name is Ellie and this is my first blog for Team Rookery Equine!

To start with I would just like to say a massive thank you to Rookery for giving me the amazing opportunity to promote and be a part of their team #rookeryequine

Well it’s been a busy couple of months for me.......

Let’s start back in March when Bosco and I went to our first side saddle show of the season. We had a bit of second-itis that day (which was frustrating) but managed to pull it through in the championship and come out on top! With a rather beautiful sash to add to the collection.

Next ... we moved onto Eventers camp with pony club! I took my horse Arnie and we had a fab couple of days of intensive training. We did flat work, jumping, cross country, had some interesting guest speakers and a session with a sports psychologist. Arnie did absolutely every thing I asked of him and tried his hardest for me. I was pushing my mums limit though when we had to sleep in the -2 degrees tin can (the horsebox) for a couple of nights, we all had to put on several more layers to go to bed!!

It was then a quick turn around with the lorry and I waved my sister off who was competing at the Blue Chip winter championships down at Hartpury, while I had been lucky enough to qualify for the Winter Dengie Pony Club Championships! We warmed up so beautifully however I think nerves got the better of both of us in the actual test, so finished with a disappointing score that certainly didn’t reflect what we are capable of!!! It was a brilliant experience though and made me more determined to try and qualify again next year.

A week back at school and then we were packing again but this time representing my school. Tarporley High School went down to Bury farm to compete in the NSEA county showjumping championships . Arnie and I jumped a great clear first round and then just tipped a pole in the jump off. However a great team effort meant that we managed to come 6th out of 29 other schools from up and down the country! It was during that lovely warm weather we had over Easter so it wasn’t quite as cold sleeping in the lorry this time, so my mum was happier too!!

Side saddle horse one day, point to point side saddle horse the next... it must be the amazing Bosco. The following weekend he and his owner did a charity side saddle race at Sandon P2P and raised an amazing £2500 for diabetes UK. I was too young to compete so had to settle as being top groom instead!! Such a shame as I really wanted to have a go!

It was back to me competing again. This time it was a NSEA eventing qualifier. I took Arnie and we came a very pleasing 4th in our section and was thrilled to discover that Team Tarporley High School only went and won, qualifying for the championships later on in the year. Made the 5am start worth it!!!

Have you all kept up??!! Finally with a gap in the diary I took the opportunity to take Bosco to Rookery HQ a few days ago and have a treatment. We met the lovely Victoria and Grace and got to find out about all the exciting plans ahead for R.E.S.T. It is an amazing set up in a beautiful setting and once the final phase of the development is complete, the services they will be able to offer will be hard to beat. I definitely recommend checking out their website and social media pages to see what’s going on and what great services they have to offer.

So it’s been a busy and promising start to the season with some highs and frustrating lows as well........ but we all know that’s horses for you!!! I’ve been organising my show entries and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season brings for me and my horses!! I also want to wish all the other sponsored riders and ambassadors good luck this year and make sure you go and follow us Rookery Equine Spa & Therapy Ltd!

Watch this space...


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