Salt Water Spa

Sessions £20

Why use a Salt Water Spa?

  • Controlled temperature setting

  • Can be used for lame horses

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Improves circulation

  • rapid pain relief 

  • Ideal treatment for :-

Tendon and Ligament injuries, Inflammation, Hoof related problems, Arthritis, Laminitis, Concussion, Wound healing, Maintenance, Support recovery, Prevent injury.

An equine spa allows the horse to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cold water therapy, alongside soothing epsom salts to aid the healing process for ailments specific to the horses feet and legs. An intense hydrotherapy programme has led to quicker recovery times.

The spa is typically filled with water at a temperature of 2 - 4 degrees celsius. This works to minimise heat and inflammation in the lower legs making it ideal for treating soft tissue injuries, as well as being suitable to use as a preventative measure, particularly if you have been competing on firm ground.

Spas are great for horses with arthritis because it lessens the pain and improves movement.

The salt water within the spa has magnesium in which helps draw out infection. However, horses shouldn't be put in if they have an open wound.

Optional jacuzzi jets and vibrational floor can be used to massage the horse's leg/joint/hooves to help improve circulation and reduce swelling.

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