Sponsored Riders and Brand Ambassadors

We are very proud to support sponsored riders and brand ambassadors from all abilities and disciplines.




Ellie Jones

Ellie is a side saddle and event rider, competing regularly up and down the country.Last year she really enjoyed competing in both disciplines and had a very successful season. for 2020 Ellie welcomes a new horse called 'George' who she is planning to event and hopefully teach him the ropes in the side saddle!

Sapphire Sloan

Predominantly a show rider but Sapphire also competes in working hunter, arena eventing and dressage. She has been lucky enough to qualify and compete at Olympia and RIHS on her own completely home produced ponies.

sapphire has 5 ponies at home of which 3 will be out in competition this year.


'My horses are my absolute life and soul, their health and well-being are crucial to ensure they have the ability to be happy to perform. The water treadmill at Rookery equine has helped strengthen my youngsters back end encouraging hind limb engagement to aid our schooling work'.


Amy Charlton

Amy is 18 years old and competes at Elementary dressage, training at medium on her horse 'Minnie'. This is her second year competing with BD and her aims are to compete on the youth teams and to qualify for the area festival final.

'I am very grateful to have the support from Rookery Equine again this year to make sure Minnie is on top form'.

Emily Entwistle

Emily is a 16 year old dressage rider who she competes her 11 year old ex race horse 'Tarass D'Alben' (Albie). She has been riding since she was 4 years old and has owned horses for the last 9.

Albie had major bone reshaping surgery for kissing spine back in January 2017. Since this time he has undergone a rigorous rehabilitation programme and following this, he has had a very successful competitive career with the dressage boards.Their aims for 2020 are to move up the levels and to repeat the previous success of 2019 with many wins under their belt including Petplan, BD Youth, BD regionals, Nettex to name a few!

'I am constantly aware of the need to rehabilitate on a daily basis through correct management and treatments so I am thrilled to now be a sponsored rider for Rookery Equine who have such fabulous rehabilitation facilities and treatments'


Ellie Thomas

Ellie is 14 years old and competes most weekends on her 2 148ponies 'Pocahontas' who has just stepped up to 1.30 and 'Tekila Du Bary' who jumps up to 1.20 but is a speed track pony. 'Both ponies are jumping at the top of their game at the moment, so it is essential that we focus on maintaining their fitness and health'.

'Thank you to Rookery Equine for your incredible support!'

Lily Warren

Lily is heading into the 2020 season with her two horses; Absolutely Ace (Pumpkin), and Caranthier B Vanpietzenhoeve (Joey). She has already qualified for the Discovery second rounds. Her main aim with 6 year old Pumpkin is to obtain her double clears for Newcomner and Foxhunter classes. As Joey is a little older, Lily is planning to put a little bit of variety into his work such as cross country, beach rides and pamper days at Rookery!

'I am also looking forward to another year being supported by Rookery Equine, keeping the horses in the best shape and feeling and looking fantastic for the season ahead'.

Kelsey Clarke

Kelsey is a 9 year old show jumper based in Shropshire. Kelsey loves competing her ponies 'Kolbeach Hollys Dancer' and 'Rathoohagh Girl' and her ultimate goal is to qualify for a major final such as Olympia or Hoys. 

During her first 12 months commuting BS she has made it to the finals at the National Championships, Scope Festival as well as the English and Scottish Home Pony International where she has gained some valuable experience whilst having lots of fun!


Cerys Macaulay

Cerys owns 2 horses, 'Dark Heights' (Enzo) and 'Faithful Imp' (Elsa).

Enzo is 4 years old and her aims for this youngster for 2020 will be the BYEH and BD young horse classes and hopefully a few events towards the back end of the year.

Elsa unfortunately sustained a tendon injury in 2019 and is on a comprehensive rehabilitation plan.

'I cannot thank Rookery enough for their continued support with my horses, especially with Elsa. I look forward to 2020 being a successful and hopefully an injury free year!'

Annabel Carthy

Annabel has 2 horses called Indigo Mist and Renegade and her 2020 aims are to move up the levels eventing. She is also looking forward to the introduction of her new, young horse Winston who is about to start his eventing career. Annabel is also on the World Class Programme who she credits for both the riding and management of her horses.

'I feel very privileged to have another year's sponsorship from Rookery Equine, they were invaluable in supporting me throughout 2019 which ended up being a very mixed year for me'.

Jess Proudman

Jess is a 15 year old event rider who has competed up to BE90.

She has the ride on 2 horses called 'Bree' and 'Charlie' who are both warmbloods and her aim is to be selected for the regional U18's team championships.

'I feel it is so important to maintain the well being of your horse to keep them happy and sound so they can perform their best'.

Para Dressage

Daniel Bates

Daniel is a Grade V registered blind para dressage rider, he is 20 years old and based in Staffordshire. His aim for 2020 is to qualify for the regionals and his future goal is to represent Great Britain. He has a new horse for 2020 called Peggy who he has been training very with and is now ready to be out competing at Elementary level.

'Thank you for your support and I'm looking forward to spending 2020 representing you, your brand and the amazing service that you offer. Im looking forward to showing you all that having a disability should not stop you doing what you love and taking you all along the journey with me'.

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