TheraPlate Rentals

- Have you got an injured horse who needs several TheraPlate sessions a day as part of their programme?

- Do you want to receive the benefits of owning a TheraPlate without the obligation of purchasing?

- Are you a large yard with several horses to treat a day?

- Are you wanting a TheraPlate but unable to attain finance?

Renting a TheraPlate allows you a flexible and cost effective way of treating your horses. Situated at your own yard, it allows you to treat several horses a day and follow a rehabilitation programme at times that suit you. 

We currently have available two different types of TheraPlate unit for rental - the K21 and the K6. The K21 is your standard horse unit, suitable for all equines, humans and other animals. The K6 unit is a more compact unit suited to humans, dogs, other small animals, and equines in instances of restricted space as the front legs can be still be treated with an all-round effect on the body. 

Rental options- 

K21 (Horse) Unit

3 weeks- £400

K6 Unit

3 weeks- £270


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